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Cultural Program

Day I, May 17 2017

Evening cocktail party at the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe (17.00 – 18.00)

On the first day of the Business conference right after your arrival to St. Petersburg you will have a chance to rest from the journey and talk to your colleagues in the relaxed atmosphere during the reception cocktail party organized in the luxurious Lidval Hall of the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe.

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St. Petersburg bus tour. Visit of St. Peter and Paul Fortress (18.00 – 22.00)

After the reception you will have a great opportunity to discover the beauty of Saint Petersburg, cultural capital of Russia. During the guided tour you will see magnificent architectural ensemble of the Palace Square with the Winter Palace, the former residence of the Russian monarchs, enjoy the beauty of Smolny, Kazansky and St. Isaack’s cathedrals, walk along the Nevsky Avenue and numerous canals embankments, for the abundance of which St. Petersburg is called Venice of the North. The tour of St. Petersburg will be finished with the visit of Peter and Paul Fortress, the first building constructed in the city.

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Day II, May 18 2017

Visit of Peterhof (only for accompanying persons) (10.00 – 17.30)

Peterhof is a fountain capital of Russia and the former summer residence of the Russian monarchs. Located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland the magnificent palace and park ensemble occupies an area of 400 hectares. There are more than 200 fountains located on its territory, which enables us to call Peterhof a Russian Versailles. During the tour, participants will see the interiors of the Grand Palace and visit the Lower Park, where most of the fountains are located.

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Visit to the Mikhailovsky Theatre (Ballet “La Bayadere”) (19.00 – 22.00)

The Russian ballet school is renowned worldwide, and St. Petersurg is a capital of the Russian ballet. On the second day of the Business conference we will organize for you a visit to the Mikhailovsky Theatre, which is alongside with the famous Mariinsky Theatre is considered one of the cradles of the Russian ballet. If the names of Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky and Rudolf Nuryeev say something to you, you should not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with their heritage.

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Boat tour "White Nights" (23.00 – 02.00)

From the end of May to the middle of July St. Petersburg becomes the most desirable touristic destination point. The most romantic period of the year begins – White Nights, when the evening twilight gradually turns into the morning twilight. For you we will organize the most exciting tour during this period of the year – the boat tour on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. During the tour you will have a casual dinner, concert program and see the bridges raising, which are raised every night for the ship navigation.

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Day III, May 19 2017

Visit to the Menshikov’s and Stroganov’s Palaces (only for accompanying persons) (14.00 – 17.30)

On the territory of St. Petersburg there are more than 50 palaces belonging to the imperial family, grand dukes and high-ranking officials. During the tour on May 18 participants will visit two magnificent palace that belonged to the families close to the tsar.

The palace of Alexander Menshikov, a close associate of Peter the Great, is considered the first stone palaces of St. Petersburg. It is in this palace the first balls of Russia took place.

Stroganov Palace, which belonged to the famous family of merchants and politicians, is a magnificent example of the Russian baroque style. During the tour, participants will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the palace interiors and objects of private collections.

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Additional touristic program
(not included in the main program and is available on request)

Day 4, May 20, 2017

Visit of Tsarskoye Selo (10.00 - 17.30)

Tsarskoye Selo is the world-famous summer residence of the Russian emperors. On the territory of the residence there are a landscaped park, numerous pavilions, Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum and Catherine Palace with the famous Amber Room.

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Day 5, May 21, 2017

Excursion to the Hermitage, the Church of the Savior on Blood, museum of Alexander Pushkin. A walking tour of the historic center of the city (10.00 - 17.00)

On the final day, guests will be invited to visit the treasury of world art and the largest museum in Russia - the Hermitage. The tour will be continued with the visit of the famous Church of Savior on Spilled Blood, built on the site of the assassination of emperor Alexander II, and famous for its mosaic decoration. During the tour, guests will also visit the museum-apartment of the most famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, where he died after the duel.

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