Participants comments | White Nights

Natalia Kostikova, Deputy General Director,
OOO Aventa-Info (Russia)
I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to take part in the most prominent event in the Russian construction materials market that brought together experts to discuss the current industry issues.

Topics of the presentations made by the key speakers turned out to be varied some of them touched current sore spots of the industry; others offered possible solutions to the obstacles, while some more shared their experience in the field of innovations. But one thing is without a doubt, all presentations were vibrant and memorable and presence of representatives from foreign countries provided an opportunity to exchange notes about the scenarios at an international level.

The arrangement of the meeting overall was highly noteworthy, as the entire conception, as well as small delightful details starting from business program and ending with cultural events.

All this allowed for a combination of useful and delightful aspects of our three day stay here: business communication, developing new business ties, relaxation and enjoyment of unforgettable atmosphere of white nights in St. Petersburg.

Jacqueline Glass, Professor, Director of Studies, CBE,
Loughborough University (UK)
The Business Meeting was extremely well organised and attended by high-level industry personnel. The presentations were wide-ranging and interesting.

It is definitely one of the best events I have attended for all aspects of organisation, quality and enjoyment.

Ahmad Al-Rousan, Secretary General,
Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials (AUCBM) (Syria)
I was very glad to meet officials in the Russian cement and building materials industries and would look forward to having the opportunity of meeting all of you again in near future. I reiterate my cordial congratulations for the grand success of the event.

Thank you again for your continued support, and looking forward for more cooperation with your highly esteemed organization, I always remain.

Jurgen Oecknick, Head of Technical Sales Centre (TSC) ,
Holcim Eastern Europe/CIS/Caspian (Germany)
Was really my pleasure to be present at II International Business Meeting White Nights, to get familiar with the sessions, to meet interesting people and last but not least to get colored impressions about the beautiful city St. Petersburg.

Michael Khrapko, Managing Director,
CBE Consultancy Ltd (New Zealand)
I would like to thank Dr. Bolshakov, Nadezhda and the whole ALITinform team for hosting White Nights. It was well organized and I felt myself being well looked after.

I enjoyed the presentations and made a few very good contacts. Very interesting discussions about Russian cement industry. Great entertainment programme. One of the best I have ever experienced.

Thank you very much for this! I hope very much that we will have opportunities to meet again in the future and maybe to do some business together.

Pekka Pajakkala, Professor, Vice President in Business Solutions,
VTT (Finland)
I had a very interesting stay in St. Petersburg. Both Meeting and other programs were interesting and well organised.

Also the big number of participants and their high positions in the companies or organisations were could be noticed. I got a picture what is happening in the cement market in Russia and also in other countries.

The producer-user discussions were also interesting to hear. Thank you for acting as a host during my visit.

Zbigniew Giergiczny, President of the Board,
BETOTECH Technological Center at Heilderberg Cement (Poland)
I found the Business Meeting very interesting and it was a great pleasure to attend in all parts of the programme. We appreciate your kind support and friendly atmosphere during both the preparations before the conference and in the course of the event.

Elena Tsymbalova, LLC General manager,
Schenck Process RUS
The importance of International Business Meeting and highly professional level of its organizers could be hardly overestimated. The White Nights were definitely organized in a modern and innovative way, it allowed for a very businesslike atmosphere, conducive to communication and partnership.

The events program gave everyone a chance to have a glance into the future and a profound understanding of the present day scenario in the cement industry. Presence of foreign participants at the conference presented an opportunity to acquire a truly international experience. I was very pleased to meet our old business partners and start interaction with new ones.

St. Petersburg has a historical significance, it reminds one of this countrys greatness. It being the venue for this event, allows for a great potential in terms of future prospects.

On behalf of Schenck Process RUS, LLC I would like to thank ALITinform for a perfect organization of this event. I wish also that number of participants and number of regions they represent grows every year and keeps up the high standard of this event.

Gennadiy Rasskazov,
JSC Holding company Sibirsky cement
One could be rarely offered a reports program, including only analytical reports and reviews. That is just the case with White nights. At business-meeting in 2011 we managed to conduct negotiations with a great number of representatives of Chinese cement industry.

Meeting business colleagues granted information about new technologies and equipment of cement plants. This information proved to be helpful for us in course of signing contracts. Attending ALITinform meetings you can feel especially warm and friendly atmosphere of the events, that is why we are pleased to come here again and again.

Alexander Heinrich, branch director,
Maria Maslova, vice branch director,
Haver and Boecker GmbH
We really appreciated the format of the event. The meeting allowed us to establish numerous business contacts just within a few days at the same place! All of it really makes this project unique! People from business and science circles received an opportunity to hold talks and discuss further cooperation with colleagues in a comfort atmosphere. Summer, white nights, St. Petersburg and a wonderful informal program in the background left us charmed! We energized and gained a positive attitude for two years ahead!

Andrey Vityuk, CEO,
Feldbinder Rusland GmbH
Frankly speaking, wefinally succeed at approaching the decision-makers of Russian plants, producing cement, concrete and dry mixtures only with the help of the events, organized by ALITinform. Currently, we have established working relationships with a great number of production companies from this sector. I know the construction industry audience and can tell how difficult it could be to tear off the executives from a production process, especially during the construction high-season. However, ALITinform team has an ability to makes this work quite effectively.
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